Welcome to ICARTEAM, a multi-industry collaboration network of like-minded professionals joining knowledge, resources, capabilities and skills in building a premiere national service force.

ICARTEAM membership benefits all industry players


  • Your value to customers
  • Sales volumes
  • Market reach
  • Productivity
  • Collaboration with industry players

Benefit from

  • Database driven member web sites
  • Aggressive Search Engine Advertizing
  • Collective buying power
  • ICARTEAM training programs
  • Participation in OEM service programs


  • Response time to customers
  • Cost of parts and equipment rentals
  • Cycle time and risk of inconsistent service


  • Industry largest product database
  • Top Industry Experts
  • Reliable network certified repair vendors

Meet our members

ICARTEAM is a group of talented industry professionals. They have millions of ideas on how to help field service professionals like me to focus on our core business, while leaving the IT, marketing and related business functions to them. I feel confident in my choice and enjoy this partnership!

Henri Van Hende, Owner, MetalMedixs, Inc.

We are proud to offer our expertise in industrial motor repair to all ICARTEAM members. Like other member repair shops, CNC-Motors is taking full advantage of the vast network resources to deliver quality service on time and on budget.

Tom Gilhooly, Department Manager, CNC-Motors

Once we joined the network, we saw how quickly our web site moved up to the first positions in Google Search. Our daily sales calls and email inquiries sky-rocketed since then. Do a search for industrial parts and you will see us there.

Lena Frenkel, Customer Service Manager, Alfa Inc.